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Catarratto, Di Ponti - Sicily
Appealing aperitif and good with food, dryish and light with hints of almond & peach
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Chenin Blanc, Klippenkop - South Africa
Full bodied with powerful varietal flavours of pineapple, melon and green apple
Pinot Grigio, Nagryede Estate - Hungary
Dry, fresh and aromatic - everything you could expect and more
Semillion Chardonnay, Willow Glen - Australia
Dry, fresh and aromatic – everything you could expect and more
Pinot Blanc, Cave De Turckheim - France
Deep fruit, rounded flavours, off dry, stunning partner to our cuisine
Chardonnay Reserva, Casa Del Bosque - Chile
Beautifully crafted creamy and balanced, not too much oak
Pineau de Picpoul, Duc De Morny, Languedoc - France
Floral and enticing on the nose, exuberantly fresh, subtle, fine and long on the palate
Gewurztraminer, Cave De Turckheim - France
Rich & ripe with intense individual style, great with so many of our dishes
Sauvignon Blanc, The Frost Pocket, Lawsons Dry Hills - New Zealand
Made by an award winning winery, this is Sauvignon Blanc at its most vibrant and aromatic
Chablis Domaine Des Malandes - France
Delicious understated state of the art wine making, modern methods traditional flavours
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Zinfandel Rosé, Burlesque - California
Beautifully presented, easy drinking, medium body, medium dry
Domaine Des Chezelles, Touraine Rosé, Alain Marcadet - France
Supremely elegant & refined, just off dry


Prosecco Ca’Stella - Italy
Lots of mineral character, citrus fruits and a dry but not austere finish
Sparkling Rosé Mayerling Cremant D’Alsace - France
Refreshing lively 100% Pinot Noir, subtle hints of raspberries and strawberry
Champagne Renard Barnier - France
Our House Champagne, appealing bottle age, mature & delicious
Ayala Rosé - France
A beautiful pale, pink color. Finesse & flavour, refined but not bland
Champagne Taittinger Brut Reserve NV - France
Expressive, delicate and fine with flavours of peach, vanilla and honey
Dom Perignon, Prestige Cuvee, Moet & Chandon - France
The “King” and founder of Champagne
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Merlot Mourvedre, ‘Les Oliviers’ - France
‘Olive Groves’ Vivid aromas & luscious tastes of the Mediterranean
Malbec, ‘Les Volets’ Limoux - France
Fashionable gutsy rich ruby, ripe & ready, versatile with food & not too heavy
Shiraz Cabernet ‘Willowglen’, de Bortoli - Australia
Deep flavours of plum and spice balanced by understated oak, with good tannins and finish
Pinot Noir, Pacifico Sur Reserva, Tutunjian Estate - Chile
Cherries and raspberries well combined with soft notes of oak – a sophisticated finish
Beaujolais Domaine Cruix, Jean Claude Brossette - France
Vibrant & moreish, light & tasty, very good with our cuisine
Rioja Crianza, Marques Du Mundiaz - Spain
Carefully crafted, gentle oak ageing from Bodega Lan, delicious and smooth on the palate
Fleurie Dom Des Marrons - France
Beautifully defined, gorgeous intense fresh fruit, beautifully supple on the palate
*Wines sold by the glass are also available in a 125ml glass size. Please ask your waiter for details